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Brunch Menu 2021

Posted by Jason Moore on

GRANOLA toasted nuts and grains, goji berry with coconut yoghurt & poached fruit 14

FREE RANGE EGGS with sourdough, fig & date chutney 13.5

TURKISH EGGS harissa, greek yoghurt, fried curry leaf, puffed chickpeas, sourdough, spiced butter, organic greens 19

BIG BREAKFAST free range eggs, rosti, roasted mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, bacon, pork & fennel sausage, sourdough 24.5

VEGE BOWL free range eggs, cherry tomatoes, grilled broccolini,

greens, halloumi, hummus, pickles, dukkah, sourdough 23

EGGS BENEDICT free range eggs, streaky bacon, rosti, tarragon hollandaise, watercress, pea puree 22

FRENCH TOAST brioche, peanut butter, blueberries, maple syrup,

coconut yoghurt 20

AKAROA HOT SMOKED SALMON potato hash, broccolini, herb sour cream, organic greens, capers, rosemary & lemon 22

SOUP OF THE DAY w/ toast- see the blackboard for the day's offering 14

SLOW COOKED LAMB labneh, bulgur wheat, almond, mint, parsley, organic greens, hummus 22

JALAPENO CORNBREAD fried egg, coriander, chipotle mayo, spring onion, organic salad greens

ADD Bacon +$3 18

SHOESTRING FRIES rosemary and garlic salt, aioli 9


streaky bacon / akaroa hot smoked salmon / pork sausage

7 each

roasted mushrooms / triple cooked rosti / cherry tomatoes 5 each

We go to great lengths to find and work with the best producers & growers, who share our vision of producing quality local and seasonal produce and do so in an ethical, socially responsible manner.

All the chicken and eggs used in store are free range & pasture fed and all our bacon, sausages and other pork products are sourced locally. All our herbs, salad greens and much of our produce is organic and grown locally. Our sourdough is made by our friend Jed at Body of the Year Bakery and we work hard to minimize our waste and operate in a sustainable manner

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