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Camilo Enciso - Filter Roast
Camilo Enciso - Filter Roast

Camilo Enciso - Filter Roast






Grown by Camilo Enciso at Finca El Triunfo. This coffee was carefully hand picked to only use the ripest cherries.
The coffee was then pulped and fermented for 27 hours under water.
Next the coffee was then gently washed and dried on raised beds for 12 days, until the ideal moisture content was reached.

Camilo grew up in Planadas, Tolima. He became a veterinarian 25 years ago. 
10 years ago he decided to found ASOPEP, a small farmer co-operative in Planadas focusing on organic growing principles.

Today Camilo Encizo is the director of the ASOPEP association, which is made up of 175 coffee farming families, born out of the need to make socio-political changes to the coffee farming industry in Colombia. ASOPEP’s goal is to market their own coffee production, to have local governance and to resource future generations with sustainable environmental strategies. Since 2010, their coffees have been represented in the Cup of Excellence awards every year.