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Brazil Antonio Carlos Machado - Filter Roast
Brazil Antonio Carlos Machado - Filter Roast
The man; the legend. Antonio Carlos Machado
Freshly picked coffee cherries being sorted
Coffee cherries spread out in the sun drying

Brazil Antonio Carlos Machado - Filter Roast


Tropical Fruit


Since he was young, Antonio Carlos Machado worked with coffee. He was born into a coffee producing family and today produces incredible quality specialty coffee on his own farm; Chacara Boa Vista alongside his wife and children.
Together they take care of a small 1 hectare property 1150 meters above sea level.
Three years ago Antonio heard he could achieve better results with his coffee if he focused on producing quality over quantity. From there he began studying every aspect of coffee production and immersed himself in the specialty coffee world, focusing on quality, sustainability and financial stability for his family.
Today 100% of Antonio Carlos Machados coffee is Specialty Grade. What makes this particular lot special is the coffee itself this lot is dried in much thicker layers of 15cm on the drying bed. Usually those layers would be around 5cm thick. These thicker drying layers slow down the overall drying time and increase complexity but do require extra attention in turning the coffee to avoid unwanted fermentation.