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Jairo Arcila EF1 Gesha - Filter
Jairo Arcila EF1 Gesha - Filter

Jairo Arcila EF1 Gesha - Filter


Tropical Fruit
Ripe Berries


What is Gesha?

Gesha is a varietal of coffee which originally came from Ethiopia, from the Gori Gesha forest. It was first brought from Ethiopia to Costa Rica in the 1950s to the Tropical Agricultural Research and Higher Education Center.

Due to its incredible success at the Best of Panama Auction in 2004, fetching upwards of $800 per pound, the Gesha varietal has now been adopted by quality focused growers across Central America.

Our Gesha is grown by Jairo Arcila at his farm Finca Castellon in Colombia.
Jairo is the father of Felipe and Carlos of Cofinet; the Colombian brothers we source all our Colombian coffee through.
This lot is processed using an experimental fermentation technique which further enhances the complexity and unique charateristics of the Gesha varietal.