Sumatra Felicia Telege - Filter Roast


Ripe Fruit
Fermented Cacao


The most fruity and funky processed coffee we've had. The extended fermentation has pushed the fruit notes to the extreme. 

COUNTRY - Sumatra
VARIETAL - Linis and Sigararutang
PROCESSING METHOD - Double extended Natural

The name of this lot is Felicia, which is inspired by the local word “happiness”.
The hill of Telege, was the area of which Bapak Man and team sourced the ripe coffee cherries used in this nano lot.
The double extended natural fermentation was inspired by the strong religious Muslim beliefs in which, no alcohols are to be consume or sold in the land of Aceh.

The ripe coffee cherries are hand picked and allowed to dry completely around the seed before being husked or hulled off. While historically this hulling was done by hand with a kind of mortar-and-pestle setup, today it’s done by machinery that can be finely calibrated.
While the coffee is drying the sugars are continually fermenting inside the cherry while there is enough moisture to feed the microorganisms. This can take up to 30 days on average.
Due to the long fermentations, natural processed coffees often display fruity or “pulpy” flavours, often described as “boozy” or “winey”; can also have strong nutty and/or chocolate characteristics, and typically has a heavier or syrupy body.

The Sigararutang coffee varietal is a semi-dwarf plant developed by the Indonesia Coffee and Cocoa Research Institute (ICCRI) in the mid 90s. It is a hybrid of Caturra and HdT831, and is known for its prolific production and year-round fruit. The name of the varietal translates as ‘quickly repay debt’, which is a testament to its productivity.
The Sigararutang varietal is found throughout Sumatra and is characterised by its dense foliage and narrow, bronze-coloured leaves. It is also known for its good resistance to coffee leaf rust. The beans produced by the plant are large, but become smaller as the plant ages.
In terms of its cupping profile, the Sigararutang varietal produces clean cups with herbal and fruit notes, a syrupy body, and a rich intensity and mouthfeel