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How we source coffee

How we source coffee

As a company which prides itself on sustainability and ethics, we have very strict criteria when it comes to the coffee we source.
We are a small, locally owned coffee roastery and lack the ability to visit every country and farmer we buy from, therefore we rely on our relationships with our green coffee buyers to help us source.


We only source specialty grade coffee, and more than that, coffees which are distictive and unique with flavour profiles we believe you will enjoy.
Typically we only find these characteristics in coffees scoring over 85 points and command much higher prices for the growers.


This is something we find lacking though out the industry and is a core principle.
There is a massive disconnect between coffee growers at origin and the end consumers here in NZ, and the industry, for the most part has been very reluctant to shine a light on who it buys coffee from and for how much.

We aim to address this issue by not simply selling our coffee as "colombia' 'brazil' 'ethiopia' etc, generic names that don't give any useful indication as to the real origin or producers of the coffee.
At Vanguard each coffee is labelled with the farmers name, their growing region, the varietals and processing methods used in producing each coffee, the altitude at which their farm is located.
In addition to this most coffees will come with an info card with in-depth information about the grower, the history of the farm and any other interesting facts about the grower.


With climate change a real threat to coffee producing countries, it is imperative that we make positive decisions about how we source our coffee.