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High Rd - Espresso Blend
High Rd - Espresso Blend

High Rd - Espresso Blend


Scorched Almonds
Golden Syrup
Dark Chocolate


A more developed roast profile for those seeking a more traditional espresso coffee. The coffees are roasted slightly darker, to enhance body, mute acidity and shift the flavour profile towards a more caramelized and chocolatey cup.

Currently made up of 2 coffees, sourced through our friends at Cofinet and 3Brothers; Colombian Popayan Reserve and Brazil Caldas Royale.

Whats with the name? Often roasters use a darker roast to hide the poor quality of the green coffee they source, to cut corners and save money.
Weve taken the 'high road' and only use specialty grade coffees for our blend. This allows us to roast darker to create a certain taste, without having to introduce unpleasant roast notes or bitterness by over-roasting to cover poor quality green coffee.