Kenya Gachatha AA- Filter Roast


Black Cherry
Brown Sugar
Red Wine
Black Tea

Roasters Notes:
Our second Kenya release of the '23' crop. Sparkling acidity with more ripe fruit and a slightly rounder cup profile, a very well balanced cup.

REGION - Nyeri District
VARIETAL - SL 28, Ruiru
PROCESSING METHOD - Kenya Double Washed

Gachatha is a small cooperative with only one wet mill located in Nyeri. The around 1000 members are all smallholder farmers cultivating on average around 150 coffee trees each. The Nyeri area is famous for producing some of the best coffees in Kenya and therefore some of the best coffees in the world. The green lush environment with a climate that is always cool at night followed by warm days. This gives really good growing conditions for the coffee and paired with the old SL28 and SL34 cultivars that most of the farmers are cultivating you get an intense and fruity cup of coffee with the classic black currant flavour that is so unique for these coffees.

After the coffee cherries have been picked, the cherries are depulped (skin removed) or demucilaged (skin and pulp removed).
The coffees are typically then held in “fermentation tanks” for 24 hours, allowing for a gentle controlled fermentation to cause any remaining pulp to separate from the beans. Fermentation may occur from the moment of harvest until the seeds reach an inhospitable moisture content for them (11% moisture).
After 24-hours, coffee is agitated thoroughly, then fermented a second 24-hours.
After this second day, the fermented water and remaining coffee pulp on the bean are washed off with clean water and soaked again overnight. This step is thought to encourage the coffee bean to germinate again, which contributes to extra sweetness and complexity.
The beans are finally dried for up to 21 days on raised beds until the ideal moisture content is reached.
Typically washed coffees have clean, articulate flavors; caramel or sugary sweetness; a wide spectrum of fruit acidity depending on other factors; capable of bright, crisp notes.