Seasonal Espresso Blend


Tropical Fruit


Roasters Notes:

Fruity and distinctive, definitely not your standard espresso profile

The idea behind our Seasonal Espresso blend is simple: combine sweet and characterful coffees to create a fun, wildly complex and fruit-driven espresso.

We've got one of our delicious washed Kenyan lots, the Kathakwa and matched it with a Costa Rican natural, the Hacienda Tobosi.

We have 2 very different recipes for brewing this coffee, one to highlight fruity sweetness and clarity, and one to show body and richness. Experiment!!

Recipe 1 ( Good for black coffee)

Dose 20g in
Yield 50g out
Brew time 17- 22 seconds

Recipe 2 ( Good with milk)

Dose 20g in
Yield 42g out
Brew time 26-32 seconds

While this coffee is roasted specifically for espresso brewing, it works well through a filter or french press and yields a very sweet and chocolatey cup.