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Decent Espresso

In keeping with our mission to push the boundaries of what's possible in specialty coffee, we decided our espresso machine needed an upgrade. 
The focus in most cafes is to make consistant coffee, quickly. This leads to certain choices being made with regards to the design of the machine and for a long time there was little innovation being made.

A couple of years ago a machine started to make waves in the industry; the Decent.
The Decent was nothing like the machines available, no large boilers, no rotary pumps, full control over brewing temperatures, full pressure and flow profiling and all that and much more all controlled by a tablet.

Why are all these features necessary you may ask? One of the limitations of standard machines is that they aren't really flexible when brewing lots of different coffees and one of the things that gets us excited is being able to share different coffees with you.
With the Decent we are able to dial in specific recipes for all our different microlot coffees and save them to be able to brew on demand.

Some other innovations inside the decent include:

Quick heating - ready to brew after a 2 minute warm up from cold. This means the machine uses virtually no power when not in use.

Variable steam wands - The ability to increase the quality and texture of the steam on the fly.

Visualizer - All our brew recipes and profiles are automatically stored online, so other Decent users can buy our coffees and brew with our recipes.

Come in and check them out in store!

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