Our New Home - Vanguard Specialty Coffee Company

Our New Home

2020, what a chaotic mess of a year, I dont need to remind you of all the crazy events we've all gone through. 
Despite all that, life must go on, and what better time than to take on the lease of a new space and set up a new home for our roastery?
Just a few blocks away from our original space on Princes street is our new home at 49 Vogel Street.
We have set up an espresso bar, where you can try different exotic coffees sourced directly from our growers from all over the world.
Order a V60 of a Honey processed Gesha from Colombia or an espresso of our Controlled fermentation from Jhone Lacerda in Brazil.
If picking up some new skills is for you, we have a training room where we hold regular trainings and info sessions for the home barista or career barista.
Sit at the bar and watch the whole process, the roasting and brewing is all on display for you to see.
Come visit us!

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